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Rick Larsen for Congress


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October 18, 2016New Radio Ads and Mail Pieces - Veterans
November 5, 2014Larsen Statement on Reelection
October 3, 2014Campaign Schedule October 4th- October 16th
May 30, 2014Larsen to Hold Campaign Kickoffs Across 2nd District
January 16, 2014Larsen: Universal Background Checks Will Help Keep Guns Out of Criminals’ Hands
October 1, 2013Larsen Thanks Pelz for Service
August 7, 2012Larsen Wins Primary Election; Campaign in Strong Position Heading into General Election
July 13, 2012Larsen Surpasses $1 Million Raised
June 14, 2012Larsen Reacts to President Obama’s Speech in Cleveland, Ohio
April 27, 2012Larsen Calls for Action to Restore the Middle Class, Protect Medicare and Economic Growth by Making It in America
April 13, 2012Larsen Leads the Pack in Washington’s 2nd District
January 31, 2012Larsen Heading into 2012 Campaign in Strong Position
December 28, 2011Larsen Statement on New Configuration of Second Congressional District
October 14, 2011Larsen Re-election Effort Strong
November 8, 2010Larsen Victory Statement
November 5, 2010Larsen Statement on Race for 2nd Congressional District
November 4, 2010Larsen Statement on New Results
November 3, 2010Larsen Statement on Updated Results
October 28, 2010Larsen Touts Strong Support from Local Law Enforcement in Re-Election Bid
October 25, 2010Koster OK with Air Force Tanker Being Built “Somewhere Else”
October 23, 2010Larsen Continues Momentum in New Poll While Koster Stalls
October 21, 2010Larsen Continues Strong Fundraising, Far Outpacing His Opponent
October 21, 2010Yet Another Debate Dodge: Koster Once Again Fails to Debate Rick Larsen
October 19, 2010What is John Koster Trying to Hide? Candidate Pulls Out of Debate at 11th Hour
October 19, 2010New Koster Ad Echoes False National Republican Claim That Recovery Act Funds Projects in China
October 18, 2010Rick Larsen's Public Campaign Schedule
October 15, 2010Larsen Announces Massive $1.6 Million Fundraising Total, Nearly Doubling Opponent
October 14, 2010Larsen Endorsed by Alliance for Retired Americans
October 11, 2010Rick Larsen's Public Campaign Schedule
October 11, 2010Koster Gets Additional Marching Orders From “Pledge To America” Architect
October 7, 2010Larsen Scores 100% With National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare
October 7, 2010John Koster to Michael Steele: I’m With You
October 5, 2010Larsen Endorsed by National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare
October 4, 2010Rick Larsen’s Public Campaign Schedule
October 4, 2010Larsen Campaign Raises Over $500,000 Through September 30
October 1, 2010Larsen Endorsed by Veterans of Foreign Wars PAC
September 30, 2010Koster Backs “Pledge” to Send America Backward
September 24, 2010John Koster Teams Up With Pete Sessions To Return To The “Exact Same” Bush Economic Agenda
September 24, 2010Shadowy, Out-Of-State, Conservative Group Poised To Spend Big To Attack Larsen
September 16, 2010Second Congressional District Challenger Diana McGinness Supports Re-Electing Rick Larsen
September 15, 2010Koster Ad Intentionally Conceals Decade-Long Record Fighting to Privatize Social Security
September 13, 2010Koster Continues Decade-Long Fight To Privatize Social Security
September 10, 2010John Koster’s Plan for the Economy Similar to the Seinfeld Show:
September 9, 2010Koster Signed Pledge; Protects Tax Breaks for Companies That Send Jobs Offshore
September 3, 2010Koster Signs the Americans for Tax Reform Federal Taxpayer Protection Pledge
August 17, 2010Larsen in Strong Position Heading into General Election
August 17, 2010Larsen in Strong Position Heading into General Election
August 5, 2010Larsen Campaign Continues Strong Grassroots Effort
July 30, 2010Larsen Secures Strong Support from Educators in Re-Election Bid
July 22, 2010Larsen Stands with Families and Small Businesses in Northwest Washington; Koster Stands with Big Banks on Wall Street
July 21, 2010A Choice for Northwest Washington
July 19, 2010Larsen Secures Strong Support from Local Law Enforcement in Re-Election Bid
July 15, 2010Larsen Outraises Opponent by Nearly $110,000 in Latest Financial Report
June 23, 2010Rick Larsen Endorsed by The Sierra Club
June 22, 2010Washington State Patrol Troopers Association Endorses Rep. Larsen for Re-Election
June 18, 2010Larsen Endorsed by Washington REALTORS
June 15, 2010Larsen: Hands Off Northwest Washington
June 3, 2010Larsen Announces Bid for Re-Election to Crowd of Over 350 Supporters
June 2, 2010Larsen Campaign Announces Strong Support from Across the Second District
May 26, 2010Larsen Support for Campaign Rolling In; Kick-off on June 2
May 19, 2010Larsen Gathers More Support for Campaign from Skagit, Island and San Juan Counties; Kick-off on June 2
May 17, 2010Larsen Endorsed by Washington State Labor Council
May 7, 2010Larsen Endorses Heck for Congress
April 27, 2010Where’s Koster on Wall Street Reform?
April 10, 2010Larsen Re-election Effort off to Strong Start
January 30, 2010Larsen Wins Key Test Vote Over Rival Democrats
January 12, 2010Larsen Campaign Statement on John Koster Announcement
January 5, 2010Larsen Named Environmental Champion by Leading Quality of Life Group

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Rick Larsen represents Washington state's 2nd Congressional District. Rick was born and raised in Arlington and his family has called Northwest Washington home for over a century. Learn more.