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Rick Larsen for Congress


Larsen: Hands Off Northwest Washington

Congressman responds to Palin endorsement of John Koster

Responding to Sarah Palin’s endorsement of John Koster last week, Congressman Rick Larsen said, “While this may be the clearest evidence yet of John Koster’s true priorities, the last thing Northwest Washington needs right now are politicians from out-of-state using this race to further their national ambitions.”

Former Alaska Governor and GOP Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin endorsed John Koster last Saturday.

In order to help her national ambitions, Palin has asked her most radical supporters to "target" Democrats across America. She even uses crosshairs in her literature, upping the rhetoric and literally taking aim.

“She can target me and put Northwest Washington in her crosshairs, but it won’t stop me from fighting for what I believe is right,” Larsen said. “My campaign will remain focused on what matters in our local communities: holding Wall Street accountable and getting our economy back on track.”

A Palin endorsement means John Koster is opening his campaign war chest to a potential landslide of out-of-state contributions; contributions that will fund his campaign to eliminate the help seniors are getting to pay for prescription drugs, privatize Social Security, and protect the lax regulations that led to the BP oil spill.

Larsen said Palin’s involvement won’t distract him from his top priority. “Northwest Washington needs an independent voice to hold Wall Street accountable and create a small business climate that gets Northwest Washington back to work,” Larsen said.

Posted on June 15, 2010 in press releases.

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