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Rick Larsen for Congress


About Rick

Rick Larsen's family has called Northwest Washington home for over a century. Rick and his family share the experiences and understand the concerns of many families in our area, whether they are longtime residents or newcomers.

Rick was born and raised in Arlington, attended public schools and worked his way through college at Pacific Lutheran University.

The value of a dollar and the importance of hard work were lessons Rick Larsen learned early in life as the son of a power line worker and a mom who managed the books while raising eight kids.

With that many siblings, working together was a necessity, finding common ground just a part of growing up. Giving back to the community that your family has called home for more than a century was considered a must.

Now Rick and his wife of 22 years, Tiia, are instilling those same values and life lessons while raising their own two boys as the fifth generation of Larsen's to call Washington home.

These values of service and community are what continue to shape Rick's priorities in Congress. As he works across party lines to protect our local industries, jobs and natural environment, Rick will always be guided by the lessons he learned growing up here in the Pacific Northwest.


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Rick Larsen

Meet Rick Larsen

Rick Larsen represents Washington state's 2nd Congressional District. Rick was born and raised in Arlington and his family has called Northwest Washington home for over a century. Learn more.