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New Koster Ad Echoes False National Republican Claim That Recovery Act Funds Projects in China

Everett, WA – Today the campaign of Rick Larsen challenged John Koster’s false new ad which claims that Rick Larsen supports sending jobs to China.

“John Koster needs to resort to outright lies to distract voters from the fact that he is marching in lockstep with national Republicans who want to protect tax breaks for companies that send American jobs overseas,” said Brooke Davis, Larsen’s Campaign Manager. “The facts clearly show that for Rick Larsen, creating jobs here in Northwest Washington remains job number one.”

Koster’s latest television ad alleges that Rick Larsen helped to create jobs for the Chinese--rather than for Americans--by voting for the Recovery Act, echoing a claim national Republicans have been making that a large percentage of Recovery Act dollars have gone to build windmills in China.

News outlets and independent organizations agree: the latest Republican attack is completely false.

FACT: Incorrect to Say Money Going to Chinese. The non-partisan, Pulitzer Prize-winning Politifact stated flatly: “It's incorrect to say that any stimulus money has gone to Chinese turbine manufacturers, let alone 80 percent of the $2 billion spent on renewable energy projects.” Politifact, 2/17/10.

FACT: 100% of Money Goes to Wind Projects Built in the US. The American Wind Energy Association found that, “100% of Recovery Act money goes to wind projects built in the US” and, “Every penny of the money from the Recovery Act is provided as a tax credit for investment in American wind projects built in the U.S.” American Wind Energy Association

FACT: By Law, Wind Projects Funded by Recovery Act Built in US. By law, 100% of wind projects that receive incentives through Recovery Act are built in the United States by American workers to provide power for U.S. homes and businesses. According to Department of Treasury guidance, “Property which is used predominantly outside the United States does not qualify for a payment under section 1603.” US Treasury Department

“The facts in this case are clear,” said Davis. “Rick Larsen is fighting for jobs right here in Northwest Washington, while John Koster wants to protect tax breaks for companies that ship American jobs overseas. And no attempt to distort Rick Larsen’s record is going to change that.”

Posted on October 19, 2010 in press releases.

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