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Rick Larsen for Congress


Latest from the Campaign

January 17, 2019Let's put our country back to work
December 21, 2018Happy Holidays
December 20, 2018First things first
December 13, 2018Sign the petition: tell the new Congress to act on gun violence
December 4, 2018There is no upside to the trade war
November 7, 2018Back to getting things done
November 5, 2018Make your voice count
November 5, 2018Have you filled out your ballot?
November 1, 2018Equality for all
October 31, 2018We're in the final push
October 30, 2018Get out the vote this Friday!
October 29, 2018Ride that wave, Washington!
October 27, 2018Rick Larsen Endorsed by The Everett Herald
October 26, 2018We're flipping seats -- join us!
October 23, 2018Two weeks to go
October 16, 2018Help flip the 8th on Sunday!
October 10, 2018Join us for a Meet & Greet!
October 7, 2018Now more than ever
October 3, 2018We're in your neighborhood, come join us!
September 30, 2018Take from the vulnerable. Give to the rich.
September 29, 2018Washington is ready for Dr. Kim Schrier
September 28, 2018Washington needs Lisa Brown.
September 28, 2018We must support these Washington battleground races, starting with Carolyn Long
September 21, 2018Doorbelling with Pinky Vargas
September 13, 2018a weekend of action
September 10, 2018untold grief and heartache
September 5, 2018back to school
September 4, 2018endorsed by Sierra Club
August 24, 2018...pretty productive witch hunt?
August 19, 2018Proud to have Giffords' support
August 14, 2018taking from our most vulnerable
August 13, 2018A trade war at the expense of working families
August 8, 2018We couldn't have done it without you
August 7, 2018today is the day!
August 6, 2018ballots are due tomorrow!
August 2, 2018only a few days left
July 19, 2018Voting rights are basic rights
July 10, 2018Trump's Supreme Court pick
July 9, 2018Petition: Do not indefinitely detain families
July 8, 2018Register to vote!
July 2, 2018Keep Families Together Rally
June 30, 2018Keep Families Together rallies
June 29, 2018Don't lose hope. Vote!
June 28, 2018"If you don't want your child separated, then don't bring them across the border illegally"
June 26, 2018let's get this straight
June 24, 2018Sign the Petition: protect women's health
June 22, 2018for our veterans, we can do more
June 21, 2018Help us pass the Keep Families Together Act
June 20, 2018school's out!
June 18, 2018add your name, help Puerto Rico

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Rick Larsen

Meet Rick Larsen

Rick Larsen represents Washington state's 2nd Congressional District. Rick was born and raised in Arlington and his family has called Northwest Washington home for over a century. Learn more.