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Rick Larsen for Congress


Latest from the Campaign

May 23, 2018Local Leaders Endorse My Campaign
May 21, 2018Washington State Labor Council endorses Rick Larsen for Congress
May 15, 2018I'm in
April 30, 2018It's official
April 19, 2018Two weeks!
March 30, 2018Enough. Enough. Enough.
March 28, 2018In our best interest?
March 26, 2018A Promise
March 16, 2018I am unafraid
March 11, 2018It's time to end Citizens United: sign the petition
March 8, 2018End the research ban on gun violence
February 20, 2018Trump's bait and switch on infrastructure
February 8, 2018Our servicemembers and veterans deserve better:
February 5, 2018Tell Betsy DeVos to protect America's kids
January 25, 2018Petition: Save Medicare (from the Republicans)
January 20, 2018One year
December 19, 2017It's immoral to do nothing:
December 7, 2017VIDEO: extremely important health care news
November 2, 2017We need Manka Dhingra - volunteer for her campaign!
November 17, 2016Steve Bannon
November 16, 2016One Week Ago
November 11, 2016Thank you
November 4, 2016Voter Pamphlet Statement
October 18, 2016New Radio Ads and Mail Pieces - Environment
October 18, 2016New Radio Ads and Mail Pieces - Veterans
October 17, 2016Edmonds Community College Candidates' Forum
October 15, 2016Bellingham Candidates' Forum
October 6, 2016Vote for Rick Larsen
September 29, 2016My Continued Commitment to Candidate Forums
August 31, 2016Love Trumps Hate
August 2, 2016Winning the WA-02 Primary
July 14, 2016Join Us
June 22, 2016It is Time for Congress to Act
April 29, 2016Announcing Support for WA Initiative to Remove Dark Money from Politics
April 26, 2016Announcing My Support of Washington Initiative 1433
April 18, 2016Response: Super Delegate Vote
April 15, 2016Save the Date: Larsen Campaign Kick Off
February 8, 2016Join My Fight for Equal Pay for Equal Work!
January 21, 2016Join My Campaign
January 14, 201662 Times
January 8, 2016Help Me Reduce Gun Violence
December 19, 2015Omnibus Bill
October 20, 2015Shut Down the Benghazi Committee
October 16, 2015Join Me: November 13 Everett Business Lunch
October 15, 2015Join Me: November 12 Bellingham Reception
October 12, 2015Join Me: November 9 Seattle Reception on Capitol Hill
September 29, 2015House Republicans Continue Their Witch Hunt
September 18, 2015Help Me Overturn Citizens United
September 14, 2015Another GOP Shutdown?
August 31, 2015Stand Up for Voting Rights

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Rick Larsen

Meet Rick Larsen

Rick Larsen represents Washington state's 2nd Congressional District. Rick was born and raised in Arlington and his family has called Northwest Washington home for over a century. Learn more.