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Rick Larsen for Congress


Latest from the Campaign

June 27, 2020Common Sense
June 26, 2020Education in Northwest Washington
June 20, 2020There for America's workers
June 19, 2020Update from Team Larsen
June 18, 2020Join us today for a chat with Rick Steves
June 9, 2020Join us for a chat with Rick Steves
June 8, 2020Continuing our work
June 3, 2020Join Us
June 2, 2020Looking ahead...
May 29, 2020News from NARAL
May 24, 2020The USPS is an essential service
May 22, 2020We only have one planet
May 14, 2020 Take a look at our full list of local endorsements
May 11, 2020I have filed for re-election
May 4, 2020No one should go hungry
April 30, 2020ICYMI: 6th Facebook Live Update
April 26, 2020One way to help out
April 24, 2020Our next update on COVID-19
April 20, 2020Bravery, resilience, and how you can make a difference
April 15, 2020Join in virtually this Friday!
April 14, 2020Watch out for scams
April 13, 2020COVID-19 Information and Resources
April 11, 2020Washington state knows vote by mail works
April 9, 2020ICYMI and Important Dates
April 2, 2020Have you filled out the census?
March 30, 2020The best laid plans of our Facebook LIve
March 27, 2020Join me for a virtual town hall on Monday
March 24, 2020🎥 Did you catch this?
March 20, 2020Join in Virtually on Monday
March 19, 2020🎥 ICYMI: Video update on COVID-19
March 8, 2020An equal world is an enabled world.
March 2, 2020It's time to get smart
February 29, 2020📷 Everett & Bellingham
February 27, 2020On Orcas
February 25, 2020I Stand with Planned Parenthood
February 23, 2020a surprising solution for economic stability
February 20, 2020and another one?
February 13, 20207.6 million jobs across the country
January 23, 2020Undoing decades of legal precedent
January 21, 2020Rick earned an "A" and an endorsement!
January 17, 2020Last I checked, families should have just as much say as billionaires
January 9, 2020We will not needlessly put our service members at risk
December 22, 2019Building on 2019. Winning in 2020.
December 18, 2019my vote today
December 16, 2019Understanding our relationship
November 21, 2019Everyone deserves to be treated with respect
November 10, 2019Helping rural veterans get the services they need
November 7, 2019It's just too expensive.
October 31, 2019Today, we're choosing our democracy
October 24, 2019They're preparing for battle

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Rick Larsen

Meet Rick Larsen

Rick Larsen represents Washington state's 2nd Congressional District. Rick was born and raised in Arlington and his family has called Northwest Washington home for over a century. Learn more.