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I am a Gun Sense Voter, are you?

On average, 120 Americans are killed with guns every day – and hundreds more are wounded by gun violence.

As your Congressman, I cannot stand idly by. It is my duty to call on members on both sides of the aisle to take responsibility for what is within our control – the law – and enact responsible gun violence prevention legislation to save lives across the country.

I am honored to have been awarded the 2024 Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate distinction for my commitment to advocating for gun safety.

Rick smiles for the camera, a Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate Seal sits atop the photo to his left.

"There's a lot at stake in the 2024 election. Every day, more than 120 people in the United States are killed by guns, and more than twice as many are shot and wounded. We are dedicated to creating a future free from gun violence — and that starts with electing candidates who will govern with gun safety in mind....The Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate distinction is a program meant to signal to our ten million supporters, volunteers, and gun safety voters across the country that, if elected, a candidate will govern with gun safety in mind. Those awarded the distinction have demonstrated that they will support stronger gun laws and advocate for safer communities if elected into office."

— Moms Demand Action Gun Sense website

In the wake of each devastating death by gun violence, we must remember that we can best honor those lives lost and the families they leave behind by working to end this epidemic. It is within our power to champion gun safety legislation. It is in your power to vote.

Together, we can take a stand against gun violence.


Posted on May 24, 2024.