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Our first endorsement for 2024: CWA

by Rick Larsen

I am excited to share with you that our campaign has received the first endorsement of the 2024 cycle — and as the son of a union power line worker, I am honored to receive the endorsement of the Communications Workers of America's Pacific Northwest Labor Council.

I grew up in a union household and know firsthand the benefits of union membership. Our family had health insurance. My father earned a decent wage, and his union negotiated cost-of-living wage increases. He saved money for retirement, so he and my mother did not have to worry about their aging years. And, all of us kids had the opportunity to go to college. In short, my father's union membership afforded him the dignity that all workers deserve.

Growing up in a union household is why I stand steadfastly with unions today.

Decades of corporate assaults on unions has led to declining union membership. This assault on unions is, quite simply, an assault on American workers. It is no coincidence that declining union membership has gutted the middle class.

In Congress, I am working to restore our unions and stem the tide of economic disparity.

Our economy favors those at the top – at the expense of workers everywhere. Americans today save less because wages do not keep pace with the costs of housing, food, and gas. Medical debt and student loan debt have decimated an entire generation's economic prospects.

We cannot continue down this path, and I am determined to help pave a better way forward for future generations.

More soon,


Posted on February 21, 2024.