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From where I stand:

by Rick Larsen

Political pundits and initial polling data suggests that in the 2024 Election, margins will be thin and the stakes at an all-time high. Right now, our nation stands at a critical crossroads with a choice between productive, practical government and extremism hanging in the balance.

These first few months of the year are our opportunity to build the momentum necessary for big Democratic wins in November. From where I stand, complacency in treating our government as a political theater is simply not an option as we safeguard our democracy and support economic recovery.

I want to see more headlines like this: Democrats came together to pass our historic infrastructure law investing in new jobs, clean energy modernization, and critical community improvements. This brought billions in investments for Washington infrastructure including:

We cannot rely on these historic investments alone; we need Democrats to take back this House this November. This will allow us to continue these investments in infrastructure, but also protect reproductive freedom, voting rights, our climate, and tackle critical issues like opioid addiction and affordability.

More soon,


Posted on February 20, 2024.