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The Opioid Epidemic is Devastating Northwest Washington

by Rick Larsen

We need to talk about the opioid epidemic in concrete terms, but more importantly: we have to take action.

Last month, I released an opioid report that analyzes the ongoing opioid epidemic in our communities. Here are some topline findings from the report:

We know that these drugs are destroying lives, families, and entire communities. It is time to regain the momentum to combat the opioid epidemic and save precious lives. I know that Congress and the Biden administration can and must do more to coordinate with local governments, Tribal communities, law enforcement, health care providers and community partners who are on the front lines of the epidemic.

That is why my report also includes actionable federal policy recommendations to address many of the concerns of constituents, local leaders, and organizations on the ground. These are in four primary pillars:

Ending the opioid epidemic begins with understanding the challenges communities are facing and working together to break down barriers to lasting solutions. I know we can achieve this.

Soon, I will have some updates for you on legislation I am introducing aimed at creating a dedicated funding source for multijurisdictional drug task forces, and provisions that will help communities that have been hurt economically by the opioid epidemic to recover.

Posted on February 7, 2024.
Tags: opioids