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🖊️ Petition: Ban Assault Weapons

In every corner of the United States, including here at home, gun violence is a fact of life. With each tragedy we are served a stark reminder of America's relentless gun violence epidemic. In the first few days of 2024 alone, our nation has been rocked by a mass shooting every other day. This cycle of violence demands immediate and decisive action, not just the old adage of "thoughts and prayers."

Again, I call for life-saving action and effective policies in Congress. Will you sign the petition calling on my colleagues in the House to pass an assault weapons ban now?

Sign the Petition

For years, I have been sharing my gun safety agenda, including:

  1. Background Checks: Strengthening background checks, including by extending the period of time investigators have to complete a delayed background check from three to 14 days
  2. Research: Lifting bans on federally-funded research into the causes of gun violence
  3. Ban Weapons of War: Reinstating a ban on military-style assault weapons and high-capacity magazines above 10 rounds

These policies will not prevent every devastating loss, but they would give communities more tools to prevent killings, provide lawmakers with a better understanding of firearm-related deaths, and limit the breadth and depth of damage would-be killers can inflict.

That is why I am once again calling on Members on both sides of the aisle to take responsibility for what is within our control. Sign the petition and urge my colleagues in Congress to pass an assault weapons ban now.

Despite clear bipartisan support, some far-right Republicans are dragging their feet, offering only hollow condolences while they submit to the NRA's agenda. Your signature will make a difference and help demonstrate the strength of people-power in the face of organizations like the NRA.

Thank you for joining us in the crucial fight to keep our communities safe and free from assault weapons.


Posted on January 24, 2024.