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The next frontier for Washington state

Today, I want to share an exciting prospect for Washingtonians and people across the country: high-speed rail.

As our friends across the world can verify, high-speed rail is the next frontier for mid-range transit. I share this view. Better connecting our major manufacturing hubs, as well as major urban centers, is one of the next steps America must take to remain competitive on a world scale.

That is why Democrats in Washington state's congressional delegation are taking the next step. Together, we are asking our federal government to begin consideration of high-speed rail — both here at home in Washington, and across America.

Investments like these are a critical long-term investment for our towns, states, and country as a whole. The opportunity is there, and must be unlocked.

While Washington is already committed to our Cascades route linking Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, B.C., and nearby towns, taking the next step with high-speed rail is an investment in our country for the long-term, to connect its communities and grow its economy.

While I have already reached out to the Federal Railroad Administration making our position clear, our advocacy does not stop there. As the Ranking Member of the House's Transportation & Infrastructure Committee, I will fight for this effort every step of the way.

Because stitching this state and nation together with high-speed rail, as we once did with our national highway systems, is truly one of our most important future frontiers.


Posted on January 17, 2024.