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For all our differences and disagreements, I truly believe that most of us feel in our core that good government does not leave anyone behind.

That is why I want to talk to you about a big win for Northwest Washington: as part of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law that passed and was signed in 2021, six of our local ferries will be refurbished — ensuring they remain a backbone of our waterways for years to come.

These are not highways; we will not be moving hundreds of thousands of Washingtonians here. Nor are they commuter trains. But while Washington state's Ferry system may not seem flashy, it sure is important. And with an investment of $4.8 million through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, know what they received?

A shot in the arm for a terrific form of cleaner, greener transport. Brought home by the teamwork (and, yes, bipartisan outreach) of Washington state's Democratic Congressional Delegation.

Do not think of these ferries as a luxury: families depend on these ferries for travel and work. Through this bipartisan allocation, Snohomish and Skagit counties are able to be better connected with Whidbey Island and the San Juans.

So, if people ask: yes, this absolutely matters to these communities. A lot.

And then once more, if people ask: also yes, we can accomplish more together through honest, bipartisan cooperation.

These ships represent something that I will always be proud of: focusing not just on the big picture, but on the specific ways each and every Washingtonian relies on our federal government to make their lives just a little bit better.

This is just one example of more than 460 projects here in Washington that were made possible by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law's $7.9 billion investment in Washington state. I cannot wait to see what we are able to do next, and to bring you word of how it is making a difference in the lives of our friends and neighbors here at home.


Posted on January 12, 2024.