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The difference between running away to join the circus and being elected to Congress

The storybook hope: running away to join the circus, or running away from one's problems, works every time.

The reality: too many Washington D.C. Republicans are making a mockery of our constitution and government, turning a solemn duty into a three-ring circus.

...I know Democrats often say we have a big tent, but that is not exactly what we mean. Not even close.

Congress has a responsibility to the American people to put differences aside, focus, and work on our most pressing problems. That is what I will be looking ahead to this week, as our next Congressional session gets underway.

On the surface, my biggest priority for 2024 is to work as hard as I can, in part to make up for all the ridiculousness being peddled by parts of Congress right now. Because in spite of all the pie-in-the-face and clown car politics that the American people see on the nightly news, there are still so many urgent issues that demand our attention.

Averting a government shutdown: we cannot run a functioning government when we are constantly sidelined to pass emergency continuing resolutions to keep the government open. We are making progress on this now, but the last stop-gap legislation expires in just a few days.

Infrastructure: how we get people around their own communities, and connect the many states in our union.

Health care: how we take care of our own, no matter what comes their way. This includes the right to a safe and legal abortion, which Republicans want to criminalize with almost zero exceptions.

Social Security: do not forget that Republicans, if they win, will look to gut Social Security, Medicare, and other pillars that support our nation's seniors.

Keeping our lights on: it does not benefit anyone if our government shuts down, or if we default on our loan obligations. I will always fight to keep things running, because it is the right thing to do.

The future of our very democracy: can you guess what a Republican member of Congress has called people facing justice for attempting to incite an insurrection? This is a dangerous reminder that our democracy is still very much under attack, and those who wish to undo centuries of work are still powering along, clown cars and all.

This is serious work that requires serious effort. My priority in 2024 is to give you just that: my all.

Because, no matter what, this matters. A lot.


Posted on January 9, 2024.