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An absolute no-brainer

Previously, I wrote to you about how Donald Trump fought against our bipartisan infrastructure law two years ago, threatening members of his own party if they went along with President Biden's plan.

Here are just a few things he did not want to happen for the people of Washington state. Since November 2021, we have seen:

These are common sense investments that Donald Trump opposed, family-wage jobs and safety improvements he did not want for our friends and neighbors. They represent a major wave in green infrastructure* he does not value. And it means utter essentials like access to clean drinking water, which often go overlooked by people like him in positions of privilege.

Donald Trump and his most loyal Republicans are campaigning on taking things away from the American people — rights, choices, access to things like health care and voting — that should be basics.

President Biden and Democrats? We believe in creating jobs and paving the way to a greener, cleaner future. As I have said before, a great nation invests in its own people, in their health, safety, and families. This infrastructure law was exactly that.

This is exactly why I serve: because America is a sum of its parts, of the great places and people that have come together under an idea that we can be better and stronger together.

Investing in those places and people seems like a smart choice to me, an absolute no-brainer. And it is why I am so excited about the upcoming 2024 campaign to take back the House and re-elect President Biden: because of what we have already accomplished, and what more we can continue to achieve together.


Posted on December 8, 2023.