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The stop-gap legislation is expiring this week

Here we go again: this week, Congress must pass a budget to avert a government shutdown (again).

How did we get here? Great question.

We passed stop-gap legislation to avert a shutdown. Instead of swiftly getting to work on the budget, certain House Republicans dedicated their time to manufacture a new crisis within Congress. While they were preoccupied with political games and who gets that gavel — I have been worried about how we will ensure:

These are real, tangible, impacts of ineffective leadership.

We must take expedient action to pass a budget so we can get back to the work that matters most to working families: lowering costs, rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure, tackling climate change, and making our communities safer.

We have to head into this election season strong and ready to take back the House majority if we are going to accomplish anything. Will you make a contribution of $3 to my campaign today?

I will keep you posted on how events unfold in the next few days. I am cautiously optimistic that we will be able to sort this out and keep the government operational — we cannot afford not to.


Posted on November 13, 2023.