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Jordan finally takes the hint and drops speaker bid

After three rounds of votes, Jordan finally dropped out of the Speaker race. After a secret ballot within the GOP Conference, he could only muster 86 votes to stay in the race.

He lost 112 votes.

So now, the GOP is going to hear from 9 (yes, NINE) candidates tonight vying for the GOP's nomination. If everything goes according to plan, they will make a nomination and potentially face a floor vote tomorrow.

Not-so-fun-facts? Only five of their nine candidates voted for the continuing resolution to avert a government shutdown, and only two voted to certify the 2020 election results.

Democrats remain united behind Hakeem Jeffries. He has been solid and thoughtful throughout the process. And what a process. I am about done living in unprecedented times. I am ready to get back to precedented times.

Perhaps, we will be back to work on Tuesday. I continue to work. Just this week, Team Larsen:

  1. Introduced the Clean Water Act of 2023 to protect the water we depend on for families, businesses and our communities;
  2. Held a hearing on funding the repair and building of roads, bridges, and highways for our future;
  3. Researched how we can leverage the nearly $1 billion in funds available to our state to do the hydrogen hub;
  4. Began surveying communities in our district on how we can help fight the fentanyl epidemic.

As you know — there is plenty more to do. But first, we must tackle Tuesday!


Posted on October 23, 2023.