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Standing with Israel.

First and foremost: my heart is with everyone impacted by the violence inflicted by Hamas.

The images coming out of the region are shocking and vile. I strongly condemn the horrific violent invasion by Hamas on Israeli civilians — many of whom were children and seniors.

These attacks by air, land, and sea will have a devastating and lifelong impact on the survivors, their loved ones, and may they never escape public memory.

Israel has a fundamental right to exist and, as with any state, an obligation to defend its citizens from these egregious attacks.

I am supporting the bipartisan resolution reaffirming that the United States condemns Hamas and stands in solidarity with the Israeli people. This legislation: reaffirms Israel's right to self defense; condemns Hamas and their actions; urges Hamas to cease their horrific violence, release their hostages, and turn over the bodies of their victims to Israeli authorities; and reaffirms the United States' commitment to Israel through security, diplomatic, and intelligence assistance.

I will continue to monitor the situation in Israel, and update you on what Congress is doing to help.

More soon,


Posted on October 11, 2023.