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“That wasn’t the deal we made with the speaker.”

Did you catch this editorial in the Everett Herald? It provides a good overview of the current political landscape and cuts through the chaos of the GOP's mess vis-a-vis what Congress needs to accomplish in the coming weeks.

Herald Net: Editorial: 'This is the Republicans' civil war,' not Democrats'

Here's a snippet:

"This leaves until Nov. 17 for Republicans to pick a new speaker, approve 12 spending bills, and reach agreement with the Senate on the bills to again avoid a harmful and wasteful government shutdown..."

"This is the Republicans' civil war, not a Democratic issue for us to resolve," [Rick Larsen] said.

Even with the distraction of Republicans having to elect a new speaker, Larsen said passing all 12 appropriations bills can be done before the mid-November deadline. Even before the vote to depose McCarthy, two of the appropriation bills were on the House schedule for a floor vote and could be taken up Thursday. More bills, two a week, are expected to follow.

"It's all doable," Larsen said."

Rick will be in touch with updates, in the meantime, take a moment to read the editorial today.

More soon,

Team Rick

Posted on October 5, 2023.