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They have a strong brand — just not a good one.

It has been a busy few days.

I voted to prevent a government shutdown, got to spend some time with constituents and local leaders in Washington — and thanks to your help — we exceeded our goal of 500 grassroots supporters ahead of the FEC's end-of-quarter deadline!

Right now, the GOP's whole brand is shutting down the government. I cannot fathom how that would be helpful to their constituents. Their actions would have furloughed 63,000 government employees and would have required 79,000 military personnel to work without pay — and that is just in Washington state alone. Their brand would cost communities essential services ranging from transportation safety inspections to Meals on Wheels services for our seniors. The GOP just does not get it.

But you know who did get it?

The folks I met with in Bellingham and Burlington this week. I joined constituents and local leaders alike to discuss how averting the government shutdown helped keep our communities thriving and secured $16 billion in disaster relief for Hawaii, Florida — and Whatcom County! I received important feedback and suggestions on next steps for legislation in Congress, and then headed back to Washington, D.C.: to ensure we do not end up back in that same shutdown discourse when the current 45-day continuing resolution expires.

More soon,


Posted on October 3, 2023.