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Guaranteed care, no matter your zip code

This weekend we celebrated Women's Equality Day, an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of women's suffrage fighters and modern-day advocates for gender equality alike.

As we celebrate the many victories this day stands to commemorate, including movements toward pay equality, the advancement of women in underrepresented fields, and acknowledging the achievements of women and girls, we must consider the work still ahead of us, particularly as allies.

Right now, there is no shortage of work to be done (and in some cases, re-done) to ensure equal protections regardless of gender identity. And in today's post-Roe landscape where the basics of reproductive rights are constantly under attack, I am reaffirming my commitment to advance gender equality in Congress.

The Supreme Court's decision to overturn the federal protections for abortion established in Roe v. Wade was nothing short of devastating and disastrous. The landmark decision paved the way for states to implement stricter abortion bans than ever and has even led to attempts to curb birth control access.

Here in Washington, I am proud that our governor and state leaders have worked diligently to protect reproductive freedom and provide access to care for out-of-state patients. But at the federal level, critical protections for the full spectrum of reproductive care, including abortion, remain stalled.

I joined a majority of my colleagues in the House to pass the Women's Health Protection Act that would include those critical protections and ensure access to abortion regardless of your zip code. The measure was stopped by Republicans in the Senate, and abortion access remains nonexistent or jeopardized for millions nationwide.

I will continue and expand the efforts that earned me a 100% voting record on choice and multiple endorsements from Planned Parenthood because this work — and so much more — is far from done.

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Posted on August 29, 2023.