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Enhancing Social Security's longevity and effectiveness

Today marks the 88th Anniversary of the creation of Social Security. On this day in 1935, the monumental 37-page Social Security Act was signed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. And now, most Americans do not remember a time before Social Security.

In the 88 years since its adoption, the landmark legislation evolved into a euphemism for retirement benefits — but it is more than just a monthly check for retirees; it is a safety net for everyone that provides financial stability and peace of mind throughout life. Social Security includes:

Retirement Security: The most common connotation of Social Security are the safeguards for the retired. It ensures that your hard work is rewarded with a reliable income stream in our golden years. It is a promise of dignity and independence after a lifetime of work and contributions to your community's economy.

Disability Protection: Life is unpredictable, and an unexpected disability can lead to financial strain. Social Security includes disability benefits that offer a lifeline to protect you and your family during challenging times.

Survivor Benefits: Tragedy can strike, leaving loved ones in dire financial straits. Social Security provides crucial support to surviving spouses and dependents, easing the burden and helping them move forward.

Whether you are nearing retirement or just starting your career, understanding and supporting Social Security is vital.

But Social Security and its beneficiaries are vulnerable right now.

Last month, my Republican colleagues in Congress released their desired budget for 2024. I am disheartened to see that they are looking to further cut funding to critical social safety nets like Social Security. Look, they said it themselves in the budget introduction: "The RSC Budget is more than just a financial statement. It is a statement of priorities." Their priorities are misaligned with what our communities need.

To me, it is plain and simple: hardworking folks paid into that program, it is not a handout. I oppose the privatization of Social Security and have sponsored "Scrap the Cap" legislation which would no longer exempt income earned above $147,000 from Social Security taxes to strengthen the Social Security fund.

Social Security demonstrates our shared commitment to ensuring a dignified life for all, regardless of their socioeconomic status. And as a long time advocate for strengthening Social Security, I am redoubling my efforts to fortify these protections. Will you consider making a contribution to my reelection campaign to help me do just that?

It is not just about us, Hunter. It is about future generations, too. Together, we can ensure that Social Security remains a rock-solid foundation for all Americans.

More soon,


Posted on August 14, 2023.