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📢 Exciting News: Reliable Broadband coming to NW Washington!

The infrastructure advocacy work my team is doing in Congress is bringing money home for our community.

Thanks to the recent passage of bipartisan infrastructure legislation, reliable broadband access is coming to Point Roberts and other underserved communities in Northwest Washington.

With the newly awarded an $11 million grant to Whidbey Telecom, the company's Point Roberts Middle Mile Infrastructure Project will now have the funding needed for the construction, improvement, and acquisition of broadband infrastructure for Point Roberts and nearby underserved communities.

So, how many people will benefit? With approximately 1 in 10 Washingtonians living without an internet connection in their homes, this is major progress.

To be specific: 1,200 unserved residents of Point Roberts, 80,000 residents of Whidbey Island, 5,000 residents of Lummi Nation, 17,000 residents of San Juan County, will have access to affordable, reliable broadband; and the project provides extra support to Naval Air Station Whidbey Island. Now these folks can log on to scout for job opportunities, grow their business, access telehealth appointments, do homework, and connect with their loved ones.

Thanks to collaborative efforts of local stakeholders, advocacy groups, and bipartisan elected officials have played a pivotal role in securing these vital broadband investments. To me, accomplishments like this highlight the power of grassroots engagement and bipartisan cooperation. Will you make a contribution and help my campaign continue to advocate for initiatives like this one?

Together, Washingtonians can embrace the power of connectivity and leverage the new broadband infrastructure to drive innovation, education, and prosperity in Northwest Washington.

Thank you,


Posted on July 20, 2023.