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Democrats are ready to act, even if the GOP is not.

The debt ceiling debate continues to rage as Republican lawmakers attempt to hold the US and world economies hostage.

Just this week, President Biden met with Speaker McCarthy — no resolution yet, but there is more optimism about averting a government default than we saw last week.

The sticking point: Republicans are still clinging to ludicrous demands.

The sole purpose of their demands is to hold the US economy and our economic leadership hostage in order to cut Medicaid, eliminate preschool funding and threaten food stamps.

Our solution: our Democratic Caucus in the House has signed a discharge petition. I do not want to bore you with the parliamentary minutiae of this, but a discharge petition is our effort to force a floor vote to raise the debt ceiling — in case the Republicans really do try to force a government default. We are ready to act if Republicans fail to live up to their responsibilities. We are ready to make sure America does not default on our debts.

While meetings between high level staff continue between the White House and the House Majority, President Biden will be in Japan for the remainder of the week. At the G7 summit, President Biden is demonstrating American global economic leadership while the GOP works to undermine American leadership.

More to come,


Posted on May 19, 2023.