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We need to make schools safe again.

We all have that one teacher who made a powerful difference in our lives. Whether it was a single lesson they taught, or some special attention they gave us so we could succeed, teachers change lives.

Education has always been a doorway to success in this country and our teachers have always been at the forefront of our success as a nation. And today is no different.

What has changed is the safety of our schools.

In the wake of countless school shootings, we are reminded that far too often our schools are not safe, and teachers who should be teaching math, history, science, and literature are instead asked to teach kids how to fight back or hide if their school has an active shooter.

We all hear calls to arm teachers. We hear calls to turn schools into hardened bunkers. These are not the way to make our teachers, students, and communities safe.

We can make our schools safer by passing commonsense gun reforms, like universal background checks.

During this teacher appreciation week, would you join me in calling for safe schools by signing this petition today?

I am thankful for all our hard working teachers who shape our kids futures. Let us make our schools safe by passing commonsense gun reforms.


Posted on May 9, 2023.