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Supporting our veterans and their families

I represent nearly 51,000 veterans in the 2nd Congressional District.

So many veterans have made enormous sacrifices to serve and fight for our country. They have earned our deepest gratitude and our unfaltering support.

I am focused on breaking down barriers and building opportunities for veterans and their families — and ensuring they receive the benefits they earned.

Last year, I supported a bill to provide more than a half-billion dollars in VA Supportive Housing. These funds have been used nationwide to serve veterans. In our district alone, these funds helped more than 420 veterans find housing and access case management and clinical services.

Additionally, I am working with members of Congress to ensure that the commitment we made to our veterans does not end when their service does. So last year I helped sponsor a bill with Senators Patty Murray and Tammy Duckworth to help veterans start families.

Right now, service members can receive some fertility treatments. But due to a ban passed in Congress in 1992, the VA is prohibited from covering the cost of some fertility treatments.

The Veteran Families Health Services Act will cover treatments, such as in vitro fertilization (IVF) and fertility counseling — both while they are serving, and after they leave their military service.

I am committed to helping veterans and their families take full advantage of these benefits and to serving them just as they did for us.

More updates soon.


Posted on April 13, 2023.