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It is between the doctor and patient, not the judge and patient

A Trump-appointed judge in Texas has unilaterally decided to overturn the FDA approval for mifepristone, one of the two pills used in medication abortions.

Medication abortions are roughly half of all abortions in America, so this is an attempt by a radical judge to undermine reproductive rights in America.

Important: This does not mean that abortion medications are illegal. Even with this ruling, the FDA has plenty of discretion to allow the continued use of mifepristone across the country.

I stand with millions of men and women in the United States in support of abortion rights.

Join our movement today and stand together against the extremists who are attempting to undermine our reproductive freedoms.

This outrageous decision by a Trump-appointed Texas judge will surely be appealed. But it is also true that Congress can act to make it even more clear: Decisions about prescription medications should be in the hands of doctors and scientists at the FDA, not radical politicians and judges bent on undermining our freedoms.

Donate now and help make sure we elect a pro-choice majority in Congress in 2024.


Posted on April 7, 2023.