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Infrastructure: more than just bridges.

Great news!

THE NEWS: The bipartisan infrastructure bill is bringing millions of dollars to Washington state. And we will see passenger capacity and environmental improvements made with these new funds.

How it works: The Federal Aviation Administration has approved more than $37 million for Washington airports to be improved.

With this new money we will see improvements to security check points to reduce wait times and increase capacity. We will see modernization improvements from this new funding that will make your airport experience smoother while also making the airports more energy efficient. In some cases, new construction will be so efficient it will receive LEED certification.

This spending is a significant shift in FAA policy. Historically, the FAA has invested in "back-of-house" infrastructure improvements, rather than improvements that make the passenger experience better, like terminal modernization.

As the ranking Democrat on the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee I have continually pushed for infrastructure improvements and I am excited for these new projects to benefit Washingtonians.


Posted on March 16, 2023.