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Got mail? 📫

Across Northwest Washington, thousands of people are going days, or even entire weeks, without the mail being delivered.

This is not about birthday cards and junk mail arriving on time. It is about life-saving medication, veterans' benefits, package delivery, and more — a vital resource for all of us, and a critical lifeline for rural communities.

For years now, Republicans in Congress and special interests have undermined the USPS.

During the Bush era, Republicans passed a law requiring USPS to hoard 75 years worth of health care benefits payments – essentially pre-paying health care benefits for mail carriers who were not even born yet. Predictably, that law kept USPS from operating with a full budget and led to a long term decline in services.

Last year, Congress finally fixed the issue by passing the bipartisan Postal Service Reform Act. So why are we still seeing reduced service here in Northwest Washington? Because leadership matters.

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy – a Trump appointee – needs to be held accountable. DeJoy's failure to recruit new workers leaves our communities without carriers, and far too often, without mail.

DeJoy's solution? Push folks to pick up mail at the post office. For too many people (especially in rural communities), that means a long drive and even longer lines at the post office. This is not a solution.

I always work to protect Washingtonians, and that is why I want answers from Louis DeJoy:

What steps is USPS taking to hire new staff in Northwest Washington?

How does USPS prioritize delivery when there are staff shortages?

How does USPS communicate with local communities when they cannot deliver mail?

Washington residents deserve answers.

We must safeguard access to USPS for everyone, no matter where you live.


Posted on March 3, 2023.