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Jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs.

Last night, President Biden got it exactly right:

"To maintain the strongest economy in the world, we also need the best infrastructure in the world."

That means well-maintained roads and bridges, efficient ports and airports, strong mass transit (including ferries), safe and clean water pipes, and a nationwide electric car-charging system to take us into our clean-energy future.

America will compete with the world by investing in our infrastructure so that we can keep good-paying jobs here at home.

As President Biden said last night, we are going to make sure that all this new infrastructure is built with American-made materials — lumber, glass, fiber optic cables, and more. That also means more good-paying jobs here at home.

And with the CHIPS Act, we are making sure that computer chips are made right here in the Pacific Northwest, creating good jobs, ensuring that our supply chains start in America, and protecting our national security from threats to chip plants overseas.

President Biden is getting the job done. I am proud to be working closely with him and his team. And I am very thankful that you are on our side.


Posted on February 8, 2023.