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My priorities; their priorities

Well, we have started our work in the new Congress, now under Kevin McCarthy's leadership, and I have to tell you... it is not looking good.

The first actions taken by the new Republican majority include:

Those are not my priorities, and I know they are not yours.

Even as I am voting "no, no, no" on all the nonsense, here are my priorities and what I'm doing for my neighbors in Northwest Washington and folks across the country:

  • Staying focused on transportation, including getting answers from the FAA and the airlines about unforeseen delays and canceled flights

  • Demanding accountability for public services, including the unacceptable delays in mail delivery in our communities

  • Ensuring that the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law delivers on creating good, family-wage jobs and tackling the climate crisis

  • Protecting voting rights across the country

  • Protecting Social Security and Medicare

If that sounds good to you, I hope you will make an early investment in our 2024 campaign to help us build the campaign we are going to need to take back the House.

It will make a critical difference!


Posted on January 24, 2023.