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3 days, 11 votes...

Over the last two years under Democratic majorities, Congressional Democrats and President Biden delivered for the American people.

And Democrats came back to Washington, D.C. this year prepared to build on our successes.

So as House Republicans continue to try to elect a Speaker, we wait to govern.

Here is my bottom line:

Republicans won the majority in the House fair and square. That means it is their right to elect a new Speaker. But, it is also their responsibility to elect a Speaker — after all, when you win, it is your turn to lead. It is the prize you win, and sometimes, the price you pay.

I will continue to join my Democratic colleagues in our steadfast, unified support of Hakeem Jeffries for Speaker, as I am confident he can provide the steadfast leadership the House needs in these unprecedented times.

House Democrats stand ready to keep working for the American people. We are just waiting on our Republican counterparts to get their act together.

Here is my promise to you: no matter who eventually becomes Speaker of the House I will never stop fighting for working families in Northwest Washington and across the country.


Posted on January 5, 2023.