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Where I stand on abortion

For decades, the issue of abortion has influenced voters' views of political candidates. But this year, abortion rights are actually on the ballot.

When it struck down Roe v. Wade earlier this year, the Supreme Court created a major decision for voters, a decision between Congressional candidates who would vote to codify abortion rights in federal law and those who could institute a national ban on abortion.

I am the only pro-choice candidate in this race. I am the only candidate supported by the Planned Parenthood Action Fund and NARAL Pro-Choice Washington. In fact, I have a 100% voting record on choice as a member of Congress.

As a member of Congress, my only job when it comes to abortion should be to protect your ability to make that choice for yourself.

Abortions are deeply personal medical decisions that should be between someone who is pregnant and their doctor.

I promise that, as long as I have the privilege of serving the people of Washington in Congress, I will stand for the right to *safe and legal abortions.*


Posted on October 28, 2022.