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I am proud of our record on jobs, wages, and the economy

With two weeks until Election Day, I wanted to share with you my economic platform.

This session, I voted for monumental steps to create jobs and make the economy work for everyone.

While we were experiencing some of the worst days of the pandemic, I voted for the American Rescue Plan, which included funds for COVID testing, small business recovery, and even direct payments to Americans.

When it came time to take bold measures to create thousands of jobs and transform our economy, I helped draft and pass the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.

And when so many people started feeling the pinch of inflation caused by corporate price gouging, I supported the Inflation Reduction Act, which places strict caps on the out-of-pocket costs for seniors on Medicare, allows Medicare to negotiate the price of prescription drugs, caps the price of insulin for seniors – and forces drug companies to give back money when their prices rise faster than inflation.

I am proud to run on an economic platform that created jobs, lowered the cost of prescription drugs, and saved the economy from financial ruin.

But with working families across Northwest Washington tightening their belts again, these are just the first steps Congress must take. We must keep moving forward, not backtrack on the progress we have made.

Please donate $14 now to help keep this momentum going in Congress.


Posted on October 25, 2022.