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The fight next door

Ever since Dr. Kim Schrier flipped Washington's 8th Congressional District from red to blue, she has been a top target of Republican political operatives in DC.

This year, MAGA Republicans are pulling out all the stops. They are spending millions to beat Kim and take over Congress.

Kim Schrier has been an effective and independent member of Congress. She is capable of working across the aisle and holding politicians accountable, no matter their party. We need Kim's voice in Congress to keep delivering for all of us here in Washington. Will you chip in $3 now and send Kim Schrier back to Congress?

Here is a fact you need to know:

Kim Schrier is the only pro-choice woman physician in Congress. With abortion rights on the line this year, Kim provides a critical voice on the most critical issue this election.

Kim's opponent is radically anti-choice, and vastly out of step with Washingtonians. And while Kim's experience as a physician helped her craft and pass laws to lower the cost of prescription drugs, her opponent is too extreme to be a part of the solution to our nation's problems.

I am proud to support Dr. Kim Schrier. Her race is one of the most contested elections in the entire country – and she needs your help to get across the finish line.

Please donate $3 now and help send Kim Schrier back to Congress.


Posted on October 15, 2022.