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Please confirm your voter registration

Today is National Voter Registration Day – in fact, it is the ten-year anniversary of the very first National Voter Registration Day. In just seven short weeks, this election season will end and voters here in Northwest Washington and all across the country will have had their say.

But only if we are all registered to vote! Which makes today a great day to confirm that you and everyone you know are registered to vote. Click here to confirm your voter registration.

There are so many issues on the ballot this year that will determine the future direction of our country, which is why it is so critical that your voice is heard and your vote is counted.

If we want a future that promotes rather than constrains our Northwest Washington values – the opportunity to join a union, reproductive freedom, the ability to fight climate change, freedom from gun violence, free and fair elections – then we all must show up and vote this November.

The first step is to get registered. Click here, check your voter registration, and if need be, update your address or register to vote today.


Posted on September 20, 2022.