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This is the choice we face:

Now that the primary is behind us, I am in a head-to-head race with a radical, extremist Republican.

We are waging an all hands on deck grassroots campaign to beat my opponent and show MAGA Republicans that their extremist ideology has no home in Northwest Washington. Will you chip in $3 now to become a founding donor to our fall campaign and help us take on MAGA extremism?

In every election, we face a choice. And the choice this year could not be more stark.

From banning abortion, to spreading lies about the 2020 election, to denying climate change, MAGA extremists in Congress have spent the last 18 months showing us who they really are.

The extremist Republicans who control their party in Congress have not been coy about their intentions: they will ban abortion nationwide, raise taxes on the working class, and gut Social Security and Medicare. This plan is inhumane and intolerable.

Meanwhile, Democrats have passed monumental bills to repair our crumbling infrastructure, combat the climate crisis, and help families recover from the economic pain of the pandemic. We have been busy delivering for the American people.

So please, donate $3 today and join our grassroots movement to stand up to MAGA extremists and stand up for our values.


Posted on September 1, 2022.