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Delivering for Northwest Washington

It is no secret that Washington D.C. is broken. Too many politicians spend more time on their favorite cable "news" shows than they do working for the people.

Not me. I wake up every morning dedicated to making sure that Northwest Washington is included in the investments Congress makes, and I work overtime to see it through.

I want to let you know about three projects I am especially proud of. Working with my colleagues and our local community partners, we have successfully delivered over $50 million in local infrastructure investments — for the Lummi Island Ferry, the Poplar Way Bridge, and the Whatcom Transportation Authority.

The Lummi Island Ferry carries thousands of people each year, and is the only mode of transportation to and from Lummi Island. The ferry is sixty years old and is in desperate need of 21st century upgrades. I have successfully delivered $25 million for an electric-battery hybrid and related infrastructure for the ferry. This new battery will ensure the ferry provides reliable transportation for decades to come, while reducing the carbon footprint of the ferry.

I have also delivered $25 million for a new six-lane bridge over I-5 in Lynwood. The Poplar Way Bridge is a project long in the making, with stakeholders at the local level coming together in advocacy of this vital project. The new bridge will ease congestion, which in turn will boost the local economy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Lastly, I am proud to announce that the Whatcom Transportation Authority (WTA) has been awarded $8.8 million to replace eight aging diesel buses with eight new electric buses, plus charging stations. The addition of eight electric buses establishes Whatcom County as a climate leader, reduces pollution, and encourages bus ridership. I have been advocating for electric bus fleets for several years, and am proud to see that come to fruition in Whatcom County.

Northwest Washington is the most beautiful corner of this country, and a great place to live, work, and raise a family. But keeping it that way takes hard work and commitment from all of us. I did not do this work alone, but with a coalition of dedicated public servants who got up to bat for Northwest Washington.

I am proud to have delivered these investments to our district and grateful to my colleagues and all the community partners who helped make it happen.

OK, back to work!


Posted on August 31, 2022.