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60+ and counting! Will you add your name to this list of Rick’s supporters?

As we head into election day on August 2, Rick has earned the support of 56 local elected officials and ten former elected officials.

Rick's supporters include Northwest Washington mayors Jill Boudreau (Mount Vernon), Cassie Franklin (Everett), Seth Fleetwood (Bellingham), county commissioners Janet St. Clair (Island County), Lisa Janicki (Skagit County), and county executives Dave Somers (Snohomish) and Satpal Sidhu (Whatcom).

In addition, he is supported by 18 state legislators, 2 former mayors, 21 city councilmembers, and 6 former councilmembers, 8 county commissioners, and 2 former commissioners, and dozens more community members here in Northwest Washington.

Why are so many folks standing up for Rick?

Rick has always been a Congressman that focuses on our local communities, and these endorsements demonstrate the trust he has earned by working hard every day to support our communities in Northwest Washington.

We are counting on you to stand with Rick in the election on August 2. Will you add your name to Rick's list of endorsers?

If we want to see real change in this country then all of us need to band together and form a grassroots movement to elect leaders who will fight for change.

Rick has always fought to defend our Democratic values – building an economy from the middle out, creating opportunity and jobs for everyone, fighting against climate change, and fighting for democracy, access to health care, and reproductive freedom. And doing all that in a way that brings people together and represents the communities of Northwest Washington.

That is why he has earned the endorsement of so many elected officials. If Rick has earned your endorsement too, then click here and endorse Rick Larsen for Congress.

Team Larsen

Posted on July 13, 2022.