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The antidote to MAGA Republicans attacking democracy

Our campaign is riding a wave of support from grassroots Democrats. Already, we have earned the endorsement of the 10th, 21st, 38th, 39th, and 44th Legislative District Democrats. We have also earned the endorsements of the Snohomish County Democrats and the Young Democrats of Western Washington.

I am proud of these endorsements – because grassroots Democrats are the backbone of our organizing effort to fight for our Democratic values, win up and down the ballot, and defend our Democratic majorities in Congress. You can be a part of our movement too. Sign up to volunteer with our campaign today.

There is so much on the line this election. The far-right MAGA caucus in Congress has made it clear that they believe in liberty and justice for none, and malice for all. On January 6, we saw the most visible evidence of their attack on democracy, but make no mistake, their cronies are organizing an increasingly brazen campaign to subvert elections around the country.

The January 6 committee has been shining a bright spotlight on all that Trump and his MAGA allies did before, during, and after the attack on the Capitol. In the upcoming election season, we know that Trump's MAGA allies will seek to intimidate poll workers and file bogus lawsuits to subvert elections.

Well, if they are putting together field teams to steal this election, then we must put together the biggest grassroots movement ever to stop far-right MAGA operatives from stealing this election.

Of course, the simplest way to beat the MAGA crowd at their own game is to win by such a large margin that they cannot cast any doubt on the results of this election. That is why we are amassing a large grassroots movement to talk to voters across the district.

With just two weeks left before ballots drop, we need volunteers like you to knock on doors, make phone calls, and put a sign up in your yard. So please, sign up today and send MAGA Republicans the message that our democracy is worth fighting for.

Posted on July 7, 2022.