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What we must do to make life better for more Americans

I will be direct as we push closer to the end of the month: will you chip in $3 ahead of the official federal fundraising deadline on June 30?

The MAGA Republicans are bent on denying nearly every aspect of our Democratic agenda – to cut the cost of prescription drugs, child care, college, and more. And you know that even as we seek to restore reproductive rights, some MAGA Republicans are demanding a nationwide ban on abortion.

The good news? Our grassroots energy is strong. And that is critical as we focus on what we can accomplish with an even stronger Democratic majority.

So, I am asking you, will you stand with us as we work to expand our Democratic team in the House of Representatives?

My focus will always be on making life better for the people of Northwest Washington and across the country. We have to get things done to reduce the cost of living, expand opportunity, strengthen the middle class, and protect our clean air, land, and water.

Your small-dollar donations right now go right to grassroots organizing, so we can win here in Northwest Washington and stand with strong progressives across our state and country.

That all can make a tremendous impact. So, please: Will you chip in $3 today?


Posted on June 28, 2022.