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Taking on polluters, the NRA, and MAGA Republicans

Each and every family in Washington state and across America deserves to live in safety, security, and equality.

Whether it is fighting the status quo and the NRA on gun violence, or taking on polluters when it comes to creating clean energy jobs for our climate future, or protecting a woman's right to choose no matter what happens at the Supreme Court, there is so much to be done.

So my pitch to you: Join us.

We need so much grassroots support in the months ahead because there is so much at stake in this coming election.

We are looking to raise an additional $3,589 from grassroots supporters before the end of June, to help us build the campaign we need to fight for our values and the policies we need in Congress.

Your contribution of $3 does just that – it is a signal that, through the hard work ahead, we are going to stick together, organize, and win.

Rick Larsen

Posted on June 10, 2022.