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Together, we must end these tragedies

We cannot look away at this moment of history or pretend that thoughts and prayers are the only things we can offer as gun violence ravages our country.

Because, as a nation, we see what happens when those who wish to hurt others have access to dangerous weapons. We see it again and again and again.

From Columbine to Sandy Hook to Parkland to Uvalde, and far too many others, our classrooms have become the scene of incomprehensible devastation too many times, as have our theaters, our concerts, our grocery stores – even our places of worship.

We must work to stop these tragedies, and we must act immediately.

I believe common ground on gun safety exists. Nearly 90 percent of Americans support background checks for all firearm sales. Yet the influence of the National Rifle Association – perhaps our nation's single worst example of powerful interest groups determining policy against the interests of the American people – has long stood in the way.

The tragedy at Uvalde may have temporarily broken the NRA's grip on Congress, and I and my Democratic colleagues in the House and Senate will do all we can to find bipartisan agreement on sensible gun safety measures, including background checks, red flag laws, and age of purchase requirements. I am hopeful we can achieve this critical first step.

I believe Congress must commit to making the Uvalde shooting the very last time our families, our communities, and our nation endure this senseless loss of our children's lives.

So does the Alliance for Gun Responsibility, which is why they have endorsed my campaign. No single candidate or organization can change the course of gun violence in America. But if we all stand together, our united grassroots front can overcome any political obstacle in our way and enact meaningful change.

Together, we will pass common sense gun safety laws and we will get the dominance of big money special interests like the gun lobby out of our politics.

Thank you, Alliance for Gun Responsibility for standing with us in this cause.


Posted on May 31, 2022.