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Clean air. Clean water. Clean environment.

After earning a 96% score for my 2021 legislative record, the League of Conservation voters has endorsed my re-election to Congress. Their support demonstrates our campaign's commitment to making environmental issues a top priority.

Addressing climate change must be a top priority. Decades of inaction has resulted in warmer temperatures, rising sea levels, and climate-caused disasters. Just last year, hundreds of people died during the Pacific Northwest's searing heat wave. We are living with the consequences of our nation's failure to address climate change. And we are setting up future generations to suffer the consequences of our own failure.

We cannot afford to pass the buck on climate change to our children and grandchildren. Donate $3 now to take action to reverse climate change.

Right here in Northwest Washington, protecting our natural environment is critical to maintaining a healthy economy and a healthy community. We need clean sources of water and a clean ocean to keep farming and fishing jobs in business. And a transition to renewable energy will start to heal the devastation caused by carbon dioxide emissions.

Our ambitious climate goals require strong leadership in Washington, D.C. Far-right politicians are burying their heads in the sand on climate change, and special interests are providing the shovel. Please, chip in $3 today and join our grassroots movement to loosen the grip special interests have on politicians, and support our climate-focused campaign.


Posted on May 19, 2022.