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Sign the petition: Defend Roe v. Wade

Late last year, the Supreme Court refused to step in when Texas banned abortions. Now, states like Oklahoma and Idaho have followed suit, in anticipation of them possibly repealing Roe v. Wade by the summer.

I am outraged. And I know you are too.

I am proud to say that the House of Representatives has passed the Women's Health Protection Act, bringing us one step closer to nationally codifying the Constitutional right of women to make their own personal, private decisions on their reproductive health.

I am sad to say that the U.S. Senate has so far failed to take action to advance this critically important law. Once again, the Senate is stalled.

So, I am asking you to sign my petition demanding that the Senate act—and act now. We do not have a moment to lose.

If the Supreme Court rules in June to overturn Roe v. Wade, many states have automatic "trigger" laws that will ban abortion in their states. That is unacceptable. The Senate must act, before the Supreme Court rules.

By speaking up loudly, and in unison, we can be heard. Our petitions demanding reform of the US Postal Service made an impact in securing a big bipartisan vote just two months ago. Let's do it again.


Posted on April 29, 2022.