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We are so close to our end-of-quarter goal

Today is our last day to hit our crucial end-of-quarter goal. Can you chip in $3 to help us meet our goal?

Here is what we know: It is past time to get dark, undisclosed money out of our politics. Republican leaders have big corporate leaders on speed-dial – raising obscene amounts of undisclosed, limitless cash to fund their effort to take control of the House.

These are the same mega-donors who know the checks they cut now could turn into favors down the road. It all started way back in 2010, when the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision threw the doors open to massive corporate spending in politics.

We must band together to ensure that these deep pocketed donors don't outweigh our voices this election. It is past time to overturn Citizens United and give the power in our politics back to the voter.

We can hold Republican politicians and their corporate allies accountable at the ballot box. And we must overturn Citizens United once and for all.

So let's do just that this election. Please, give $3 now to hold Republican politicians and their multinational corporate donors in check.

They have special interests willing to spend unlimited amounts of money.

We have you.

We have to fight back as hard as we can this election. Let us out-organize and out-campaign these Republican operatives at every turn. And yes, let's out-raise them too. Donate $3 now to beat Republican politicians at their own game.

There is so much at stake this election. I'm counting on you.


Posted on March 31, 2022.