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I will always stand with teachers

The National Education Association (NEA) has endorsed my re-election campaign. The NEA represents 3 million teachers, higher education faculty, and support staff. It is the largest and most influential nationwide organization standing up for teachers and students.

Here, in their own words, is why I earned NEA support:

We believe your record as a strong advocate for public education and organized labor makes you the best candidate in the race.

Student learning has suffered during the pandemic. Too many of our kids fell through the cracks despite teachers' heroic efforts to engage students and keep them safe. In Skagit County, 200 students disenrolled from the Burlington-Edison School District alone. These students are among the 40,000 students who disenrolled from public schools in Washington state. But we are reversing course.

Schools are coming back strong. I am proud that we have secured millions of dollars in COVID relief money for school districts across the state. The funds allow districts to hire more teachers, expand tutoring opportunities, and purchase more PPE. As we recover from COVID-19, school districts are creating healthier schools and more learning opportunities for students.

Education is the great equalizer. Our classrooms should be places where students feel safe and motivated to learn. And teachers should be celebrated for the heroes they are. That is why I am fighting to make high-quality public education a reality for all Americans. Please, contribute $3 today to join me in the fight for teachers and better schools.


Posted on March 29, 2022.