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I am humbled by this endorsement

I have been endorsed by the 38th Legislative District Democrats. Organizations like these are the backbone of the Democratic Party's grassroots movement across the country. This is the first local party endorsement I have received this election cycle. Even more humbling is the fact that the 38th legislative district is my home district. I am proud that voters in my own backyard recognize my work for them. I am truly honored to have their support.

We cannot afford to sit on the sidelines this election. Democrats need to get started now if we are going to stop Republicans from taking over the House in November. Will you chip in $3 to help jumpstart our organizing efforts?

My team and I are hard at work to build a grassroots campaign focused on delivering results for the people of Northwest Washington and this endorsement shows our early success. I welcome all of you to join our people powered team and help us defeat our Republican opponent this fall.

While here at Team Larsen we are focused on building a grassroots team ready to do the hard work in the field, the National Republican Campaign Committee (NRCC) announced that their digital fundraising has "skyrocketed." The NRCC raised $140 million in 2021–just from digital donors. They started this year with $78.2 million in cash on hand. We cannot sit out this election. Democrats up and down the ballot are counting on your support now, and your vote in November.

We have to be competitive. Donate $3 now to get in the game.


Posted on March 15, 2022.