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This is worth a victory lap

We did it.

Back in 2020, I asked our grassroots supporters three times – in May, August, and September – to sign petitions calling on Congress to save the US Postal Service.

And thousands upon thousands of folks signed those petitions – joining over a million supporters across the country.

The issue? A 2006 law that required the USPS to pay today for the retirements of workers who will retire 75 years from now. Those future retirees are not even born yet! That law was making it very difficult for the Postal Service to meet its service demands here and now.

Here is the exciting news: This past week, on a huge bipartisan vote, Congress listened and passed a Postal Service reform bill to guarantee its fiscal solvency for decades to come. We will now require six days of home delivery every week, and an online dashboard that will show those delivery metrics on a weekly basis.

Sure, this is nerdy stuff, but I hope you share my enthusiasm. Most of all, I am just really proud that all those who signed petitions, wrote letters, made phone calls, and spoke up at town halls all across the country have finally been heard.

We did it. You did it!


Posted on February 16, 2022.