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House Democrats lead the way

I know that politics can sometimes be frustrating to watch – it is for me, too! – so I thought I would share with you the highlights of what we accomplished in the House of Representatives this year.

House Democrats fought the pandemic and helped families and communities recover with the American Rescue Plan. The American Rescue Plan extended the child income tax credit, provided $1400 in direct payments to people, and added $300 of weekly unemployment benefits. The American Rescue Plan included a Small Business Opportunity Fund and emergency grants to small businesses, so Main Street wouldn't shut down while Wall Street prospered. All told, the American Rescue Plan provided thousands of dollars in direct relief to American families and workers.

House Democrats combated the Republican effort to subvert democracy with historic bills to defend voting rights, expand access to the ballot, end gerrymandering, implement nationwide automatic voter registration, make Election Day a federal holiday, and stop the flood of dark money in our democracy.

House Democrats made the largest investment in infrastructure since the Eisenhower Administration, including big investments to fight the climate crisis. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law invests billions not just to repair our broken roads and bridges, but to make our critical infrastructure climate resilient. The new law also includes billions to combat the effects of climate change by cleaning up our most polluted communities.

House Democrats passed a law protecting reproductive health care nationwide. The Women's Health Protection Act is the first time in U.S. history that the House has passed a bill guaranteeing the right to an abortion nationwide, a critical effort as we await the Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

House Democrats worked to make the criminal justice system more fair, equitable, and humane. We passed the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, which bans chokeholds and no-knock warrants. The bill also places meaningful limits on qualified immunity, making it easier to hold accountable police officers who use excessive force.

And House Democrats passed Build Back Better, which will create millions of jobs, fight climate change, and reduce the cost of living for millions of American families – with lower prescription drug costs, Medicare hearing benefits, a $250-300/month child tax credit, provide free pre-K for all 3- and 4-year-olds in America, reduced child care costs, lower health care premiums, and the largest investment in affordable housing in history. (And it is all paid for with taxes on corporations that move jobs and hide money overseas, taxes on people who make over $10 million/year, and ensuring that people who make over $400,000/year actually pay the taxes they owe.)

This year it was House Democrats leading the way. That is what we were sent to Congress to do, and that is what we did.

And we are not letting up. There is still a lot to do next year to keep making progress on behalf of our families, our communities, and our country.

And next year, Democrats face an uphill battle to keep our majority in the House. But we are organizing now, and getting ready to win the big election fights so that we can protect all we have accomplished and keep up the pressure on the Senate and the White House to get the job done.

I appreciate your support.


Posted on December 19, 2021.