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A battleground in our backyard

Kim Schrier is more than just a terrific member of Congress. She is our neighbor, a Democratic champion from the Seattle suburbs all the way over to Wenatchee.

Now that we have got new maps, we have a full picture of Kim's battleground. And this election will not be any easier than it was in 2018 and 2020, when she got just 52% of the vote. Hers is the toughest swing district in Washington, and she is the #1 target of Republican political operatives in DC.

Kim is organizing hard, but across the country, Republicans have been perfecting their suite of dirty tricks — anonymous piles of corporate cash, spent on attack ads that rely on racism and lies, and blatant attempts to undermine the fair administration of elections.

Would you please consider chipping in right now to help Congresswoman Schrier keep up her terrific work in Congress?

The pandemic has been tough on us here in Northwest Washington. So too have the challenges of climate change, earning a living, and making health care, housing, and child care more affordable.

Kim gets that, and has always worked her heart out for her constituents. She builds consensus. She engages directly with the people she represents. And she remains true to the Democratic values that got her elected in the first place.

But, as we have seen in the last few weeks, we must not take anything for granted.

I am sure you watched our party's struggles in recent elections with as much concern as I have. And, of course, the media and our opponents are claiming this could be just the beginning.

I'm still quite optimistic and confident. After all, robust organizing around Democratic values and solutions that help real people remain the best way forward, both for Democrats who want to win elections and for the future of our country.

Kim has proven that before, but needs our strong support given the challenges she is facing. This is Washington state's toughest battleground district.

Please join me with a donation to our own Kim Schrier today. We need to keep control of Congress to move our agenda forward, and Kim's seat is at the heart of that fight.


Posted on December 15, 2021.